Get support, experience unconditional acceptance and feel nurtured, so that you can express your feminine beauty and power into the world


Get support, experience unconditional acceptance and feel nurtured, so that you can express your feminine beauty and power into the world

Since immemorial times, women used sacred gatherings to create a profound, all embracing space, where they could nurture their feminine energy and sensuality.

Where they could heal and caress themselves.

... bring light and love to themselves and to the people they loved.

… laugh, cry and safely share their journeys and their most intimate thoughts with other women who knew the art of sacred listening.

... where they could cultivate and activate their feminine qualities and receive inspiration and revelations through meditation and prayer.

When women gather, they create a Sacred Circle.

And within this Circle, life force energy, the feminine energy finds space to express itself and generate miraculous transformation.

As part of the Circle, you can surrender to the energy and to the feminine consciousness and experience the support that you need to move through life in the most loving way...

... feeling feminine, inspired and empowered.

I have created this Sacred Circle Membership as a way to honour the power of the feminine gatherings and to offer you a safe space where you can nourish yourself and manifest your dreams and desires, through specific feminine practices, meditations and mantras.

This Sacred Circle Membership is everything that you need to live beautifully and fearlessly as a woman!


Amplified energy

The Circle is where you receive energy to break through old patterns and obstacles in your life.

Through collective work, you get access to amplified energy and that allows you to get into balance and nourish the people that you love. 

Accessing the collective feminine energy through the Sacred Circle is the secret to manifesting easily all your dreams and desires.

A space where you can grow

Do you feel that your relationship is going downhill?

Or that your career is simply stuck?

Can't feel connected to yourself anymore?

Do you want to access more vitality and charisma?

Stop the cycle of loneliness and dysfunctions and empower yourself to create the life that you dream of.

Attract more in your life with ease and feeling feminine

Well, you can do everything in your life to try to actualize change OR you can join a safe community that supports and empowers you to actualize the change that you want, with ease and grace.

We all need support and when we receive it with unconditional acceptance and in a nourishing, uplifting manner, we spread our wings and fly high. 

This is your time and your moment to shine!

Build authentic relationships

When you can connect with your highest feminine self you can also connect with other people on a deeper level.

When we learn to connect with a man on a soul-to-soul level, we access a deeper level of intimacy and heart connection.

The feminine energy teaches you how to develop intimacy with yourself, with your partner and how to extend it in all your relationships that matter to you, every single day.

Shift in perspective

What if you could just shift the way you look at life without having to change everything overnight?

This isn't your regular journaling.

And no, you are not going to wake up one morning suddenly feeling different.

This is a process that we are going to go through together, each month, to transform the way you feel as a person and the way you see life and access the feminine perspective allowing a radical change to occur with ease and grace. 

Living feminine, living sacredly can change everything in your life and the only thing that it requires is to stay open and be fluid. 
Oana Stoianovici
Founder & CEO of The Feminine
Living the feminine way is not only about honouring how we look or about being immersed into how we carry ourselves into the world. It is also about a big shift in the way we think, feel, live and flow within life. 

This means that we should also start to make room in our lives for all those things that make us blossom and connect us with our emotions, our bodies and feminine cycles.

It was during one of my feminine initiations, in the heart of the Indonesian jungle, that I was awakened to my femininity.

It started as a subtle shift in my perception. I noticed how my body relaxed and moved with ease.

Life started to move through me and I was suddenly awakened.

I became soft, without feeling threatened and, for the first time in my life, I could ‘feel’ myself. I felt complete. I felt enriched by my own presence, within my body. 
The feeling of loneliness melted away. A new me became present and I knew this was, in fact, only the beginning of the journey.

Femininity became my inner sanctuary. The place where I retrieve, in order to connect with my passions, tend to my needs and dream my visions. It shaped me from deep within and transformed me into a confident woman.

I have created this Sacred Circle Membership with the intention to offer you the energy and the structure that enables you to see and believe in your feminine beauty and power and use them to create the life that you desire.

Knowing that you are not alone, that someone has your back and truly believes in you is game-changing.

Being connected to a Sacred Circle of initiated women for such a long time changed my life.

When you create a Sacred Circle in your life, you get access to spiritual relationships with other women, too.

And that means that you receive real support and feel safe in each other’s company.

You can show up in the Circle in your most beautiful and glorious self, without feeling any subtle sabotaging envy or jealousy. But honest appreciation.

You feel the other women standing for your dreams as you stand for theirs, too.

For me, the Sacred Circle of initiated women has always been the medicine when love and support were lacking in my life.

And it still is a precious resource when I feel weak. My secret source of power when I need to be wise.

The Sacred Circle is where I retrieve and feel that I can be myself. That I can laugh fully, cry fully, be confused, show up in my full power. Be a mess and also be brilliant.

Today, I invite you to become part of this magical Sacred Circle Membership and let it infuse your life with practices, meditations and mantras that will support you in expressing your feminine beauty and power into the world.

See you inside!
Take A Sneak Peak Inside

When you become a member you get unlimited access to incredible resources that support your unfolding, day by day.

Brand new practices, rituals, mantras and guided meditations that support your journey and the fulfilment of your desires will be added on a monthly basis.

Monthly Live Group Calls
I lead monthly LIVE group facilitation calls for our Sacred Circle members. You can ask me any question and get personalised guidance.
Monthly Feminine Meditation And Practice
Each month has a specific theme, supported by beautiful guided meditations or feminine practices that activate and nurture your feminine energy.
Monthly Mantra And Resources
The monthly mantra and/or downloadable resource are directly connected to the current theme and are created to help you fully embody your femininity and support your process.
A Nurturing Community
Connect with a community of like-minded soul-connected women that support, inspire and empower you every single day.
Monthly Emails From Oana
Start a new month intentionally, with an email from me that will help you connect with your feminine energy, blossom, expand and manifest with ease and grace.
Exclusive Offers
Be the first to get access and exclusive offers to my online courses, workshops and retreats throughout the year.
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During the first year of this Membership we work in the context of abundance.

Each month builds upon itself as you move closer to major transformation in your life.

August 2020
Envisioning The Feminine Life

September 2020
Grounding and Womb Power

October 2020
Intuition and Homecoming

November 2020
Healing Your
Inner Girl

December 2020
Nourishment and Self-love

January 2021
Fluidity, Grace and Creativity

February 2021
Compassion and Courage

March 2021
Passion and Sensuality

April 2021
Nurturing and Holding Space

May 2021
Intuition and Wisdom

June 2021
Celebration and

Oana's coaching is about rediscovering femininity and living it with full authenticity. I warmly recommend her programs to women who are inclined to look inward. With each new encounter and through different feminine rituals, I gradually discovered the infinite potential of my own femininity.
Oana's shares and teachings are amazingly spot on and practical. And they always seem to come in perfect timing too! It's uncanny how many times I'm moving through something or wanting to focus on something specific, and Oana brings it up in what she teaches or shares (without any prompts on my part) in the Membership and groups. She has an amazing ability to be in tune with us and holding our fullest and most expansive expression. It's a gift I love to enjoy - along with her no BS approach - and I very much love and appreciate her and her work!

Mechanical engineer & energy clearing facilitator
Oana’s workshops showed up in my life at a moment when I had just started nurturing my femininity and when I needed guidance to dive deeper. Through her workshops, I discovered how to meditate, how to take care of my health, my vitality and my beauty. I started spending time with myself, deepening my spirituality. This helped me learn how to accept, love and cherish myself and also how to express my love for all the people around me. I came out of the victim’s attitude and allowed myself to be carried away and stop sabotaging myself. Shortly after, a load of great opportunities opened up in my life. I have passed through the healing stage and gave up what no longer served me. I am now stepping into redefining, creating and building what is most fulfilling for me. I stepped into a world of initiated and conscious women and I am looking forward to the continuation of this mind-blowing journey.
I return the gratitude to you for developing such a deep space to explore our feminine journey. I am grateful to have found your Circle, one of those life serendipities. Thank you for trusting your light and ability to hold space and accomplish your vision. I don't know if it ever were an issue to step in that light, but you do it with grace, generosity (though strongly grounded) and in a non-intrusive way that leaves a lot of space for each to grow according to one's own reality and having to take full responsibility: this is very refreshing. How to improve? Frankly I have nothing to add for now. Both your practices and meditations are very beautiful, the meetings are a great opportunity to meet others' journey. There is not too much nor too little.

This journey was a delight and pure joy. It helped me know myself better and it allowed me to spend time with myself. My projects have grown and my vitality and energy levels are constantly expanding. I feel in balance with myself, as a wife and mother of three children, entrepreneur and leader, while also being a woman. For every aspect of my life I have different wishes and needs that I now take care of. I have a high level of fulfilment and joy. Thank you, Oana, for this journey full of unforgettable experiences!
After I gave birth, I thought that self-love was an act of selfishness. So, I slowly began to give up on myself. The worst part was that I didn't even know what I was doing. I was wondering... "who is this woman with a small child?". Oana guided me to learn to love myself as I am, to discover myself, to reposition myself in all my relationships and to connect with my own strengths. Incredibly empowering!
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Direct Access To My Method
I've been a transformational coach for more than 18 years and during the last 8 I've worked with thousands of women from all over the world, either in 1-to-1 facilitation sessions or in group workshops.

My regular fee is 550$/hour.

Once you join the Sacred Circle Membership you my direct support and access to my method and resources.

During our monthly LIVE group facilitation calls you can ask me absolutely anything and get personalised guidance and support.
Valued At $550
Resources And Mantras
The resources you access as member of the Sacred Circle have been created following hundreds of hours of facilitation and they are inspired by the needs of the thousands of women that I've worked with.

The time, effort and the experience involved in creating the monthly mantras and resources make the whole pack worth $60/month. 
Valued At $60
Audio Guided Meditations And Feminine Practices
All the audio guided meditations and feminine practices that you receive with this Membership are created with mastery and intention.

They are the expression of my coaching experience and spiritual practice.

They embody my original method and are specifically aimed to activate and amplify your feminine energy.
Valued At $120
Supporting Community
When you are part of the Sacred Circle of initiated women who are also intentional, centered, vital and available to empower each other, the manifestation of your desires becomes not only easier, but also quicker and full of marvelous sycnronicities.

Alone, a woman can do so many things.

But when we are together, we can achieve the impossible.
Real Value: Priceless
"Oana is a force of nature. She is the only kind of facilitator that I would ever recommend."
Janet Laufenberg - MFT, clinical psychotherapist, certified in EMDR and specializing in the treatment of relational trauma for over 25 years, New Jersey, USA
“Oana’s method helped me navigate through my inner labyrinths, making me present to the subtle beauties and the healing powers of the feminine energy. I felt free and empowered.”
Elena - IT Specialist
"Oana’s workshops for women had a spectacular impact on me. I realised what exactly the power of an adult woman is when she owns it."
Madalina - Service Manager
“My femininity started to open up. I felt more grounded and became a wholehearted orgasmic woman.”
Roxanne -  Pilates instructor & certified TRE facilitator

“Working with Oana’s method taught me how to connect with my femininity, which I’ve been fully neglecting all my life."
Anca -  Executive Director American Chamber of Commerce
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(Or monthly payments of $37)
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Your monthly content, in a nutshell
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching calls to get in-depth personal support on your process
  • ​New guided meditations and feminine practices added every week to enrich and deepen your personal transformation
  • Mantras and guide sheets to fully embody and support your process
  • ​​Exclusive emails from me to start your month with intention and clarity
  • ​​Unlimited access to past and present content
  • ​​A community of like-minded, soul-connected women
  • ​​All your questions answered
  • ​​​Exclusive discounts

Sisterhood and the Sacred Circle of women transformed my life and I know, deep down in my heart and womb that it will transform yours, too.

What is the Sacred Circle Membership?
The Sacred Circle Membership is an online subscription that makes it super easy and immensely pleasurable to nurture your feminine energy, feel empowered and stay connected to your daily practice, with immediate results.

Every month, you get access to new teachings, meditations, rituals, feminine practices and mantras that will both inspire and guide you.

You also get monthly emails from me AND access to LIVE group coaching calls, where you can ask me anything.

You connect with like minded, soul connected women and you get special extra discounts to some of our programs and workshops.
Is the Sacred Circle Membership right for me?
If you want to have unlimited access to a powerful support structure that will help you take better care of yourself, as a woman and stay on track with your spiritual practice, this Sacred Circle Membership is perfect for you.

The resources and teachings are created to add value to your daily practice, no matter if you are a beginner or if you've been practicing for years.

Also, one of the best things about this Membership is that you can access it right away, no matter where you are, home or abroad.

It's 100% self-paced, so you can choose when you practice, what you practice and how you practice.
How is this Sacred Circle Membership different from other similar programs?
To be fully honest, in my many years of coaching women, I’ve never encountered a similar structure. In fact, this is why I have created the Sacred Circle Membership.

There are a lot of options on the market delivering high quality yoga training or meditation apps with wonderful resources, but I've never seen anything TAILOR MADE FOR WOMEN that supports tehm to reconnect with their ancestral wisdom.

As women, we have particular needs and desires.

We crave for connection with other women, we need to share about our journeys, we need inspiration to nurture our sensuality and sexuality and we also need practice to keep the fire of our soul burning.

This is the foundation of this Membership - resources that will stir your deep waters, ignite your passions and feed your soul.

As women, when we learn how to fulfil our needs, nurture our desires and tap into our self-worth, we can literally create anything!

This Membership is here to fill that gap and make your personal development a pampering experience!
How long can I access the Sacred Circle Membership?
You can access the Membership from our platform right away and get access to all the created content, from both the current month AND the previous months.

During the first week of each month, we add new meditations, teachings, practices and mantras related to a specific theme. 

The LIVE group coaching calls will be announced few days earlier and the recordings are going to be uploaded in the platform.

The platform can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone and it only requires a stable internet connection.
How can I get support?
Once you subscribe, you get access to monthly LIVE group coaching calls with me. You can share your ups and downs, ask me anything and get support and guidance.

If you encounter issues that require immediate support, my team and I are always one email away. You can write to us anytime at and we'll do our best to answer as soon as possible.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
If you feel the Sacred Circle Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime, directly from the Membership platform. 

Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the Membership platform.

Please note that unless you cancel, your subscription will renew at the normal price of $37/month or $399 for a 12 months period.
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